Advocacy Project: Day 3 - By The Numbers

After today's session with the students, a co-resident and I were discussing the highs and lows and I had a quirky realization about our health advocacy project: it is as if we are building the plane and learning to fly at the same time! I suppose it's fitting that my last post dealt with air travel.

The students were introduced to Healthy People 2020's Leading Health Indicators today. The majority of students used that as inspiration for their advocacy projects. But right now, they need to continue gathering as much focused information as possible in order to put together a meaningful presentation.

It is really exciting to see how passionate the students are about their projects! On the flip side of it, though, as a self-proclaimed public health statistics nerd, I am dismayed at how unexcited they seem about researching pertinent statistics for their projects. What's cooler than a good old paired T-test?!