Advocacy Project: Day 4 - End of Semester

Christmas is around the corner and everyone is almost winter break mode!

We sat down with the students to assess the progress of the research on their projects. Their creativity continues to astound me, between the videos and posters and PowerPoints. However, there are over a handful of students that are also lagging behind. Some of them have very little supportive evidence for their health issues, and others are using unreliable source information.

As I reflect further, I realize I could have done a stronger part in guiding and preparing them for the depth of research required for these advocacy projects. I think we can emphasize the importance of this earlier in the curriculum next year.

I have no doubt that all of them will catch up to the work. To be fair, they also have final exams next week, so they are all a little stressed. Luckily, two of the teachers made the research for the advocacy projects as part of their final exams – one benefit of stakeholder buy-in!