Advocacy Project: Day 5 - Almost there!

Can you feel it? No it's not a Phil Collins song... it's advocacy work in action! 

Some of the groups are already done with their projects. Wow! I am so impressed. And they are very high quality, as well. And the students who were struggling with finding research last time are all up-to-speed now. 

 Now we start to focus on ways of engaging the community and raising awareness for the students' work.  Two students approached me about setting up space in their campus main area to present all the advocacy work at lunch time. I think that is a great idea! 

And two others students from Canyon Springs expressed their interest in presenting their work and policy changes to the school board or city council. I am THRILLED that they are already pushing to voice their projects at the community level; I will do whatever it takes to make that happen for them! I think it would be a strong learning experience for both of us.